This is probably the worst MMA fight of all time

This is possibly the worst mixed martial arts bout of all time and we got the video to prove it.

Most MMA fighters come from traditional backgrounds like college wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, kickboxing, Judo or professional boxing. They start when they are young and train for years, but unlike a Czech fight promotion that called “Clash of the Starts” allows Celebrities, YouTubers and actors to get a shot to fight in the cage.

This past Saturday, a video surfaced on the internet shows two unathletic TikTok stars, Kaluba and Max Green who did not have any prior fighting experience fight each other under MMA rules.

The gentlemen are the epitome of why one should train mixed martial arts before actually competing in an event, because it’s quite possible they took part in the worst fight in MMA history.

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