Video: Sonny Bill Williams knocked out by UFC legend Mark Hunt in final fight

Sonny Bill Williams has suffered a huge upset as he was knocked out by 48-year-old MMA legend Mark Hunt in Sydney.

Williams went into the fight with a 9-0 record having last beaten Barry Hall in March, he entered the contest as a heavy favourite to defeat Hunt who had previously lost to Paul Gallen back in 2020.

However, Hunt sprung a huge shock when he floored Williams in the fourth round. the former Rugby star survived the ten count but Hunt smelt blood, the momentum quickly switched when Hunt delivered a hook to SBW’s chin, causing his mouth guard to come flying out of his mouth before dropping him with a series of punches sends Williams into a daze, the referee calls it off and put the Australian crowd in a frenzy. What a fight!

According to The Mirror, Hunt will definitely hang up the gloves after the win.

“I’m smiling not because of the win, but I’m smiling because this is the last time I walked into a ring of combat of any sorts. My first thought after was ‘s*** I want to do that again!’, but no [I won’t be back in the ring again],” Hunt said.

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