Watch: MMA referee accidentally knocked out by rolling thunder

A REFEREE was knocked out by an accidental kick to the head during an MMA fight

Scott Marhardt, who was in charge of a bout during the IMMAF Super Cup semi-final between Mexican Luis Enrique Gonzalez and Irish Lewis Byrne, was accidentally knocked out by Rolling Thunder Kick.

During a lightweight showdown, Gonzalez attempted a rolling thunder kick, which, to his credit, was well-executed, unfortunately the recipient of his kick wasn’t actually Lewis Byrne, but referee Scott Manhardt who was trying to step in to signal the end of the round, ended up knocking him out.

Amazingly, Marhardt got up and finished officiating the rest of the bout, with Gonzalez, somehow got a KO and also lost by decision in one MMA fight.

Check out the video below:

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