Video: Fighter fakes walk-away, then delivers a Brutal knockout

Sergio Cossio delivered one of the coldest knockouts you will ever see in the Lux Fight League 22 main event Thursday in Mexico.

In the headliner at LUX 22 in Mexico City, Edgar Delgado took on Sergio Cossio in a five-round fight for the LFL lightweight belt.

Cossio made Delgado pay for not defending himself at all times as he blasted a rising Delgado with a clean knockout shot.

The Mexican dominated the fight on the ground, late in the first round he dropped Delgado with a right hand followed up with hammer fists.

Cossio was back to his feet and started to walk away, he looked like he was going to let him get up. The referee never inserted herself between the two fighters.

with a creative touch, Cassio turned around from a walk-away and landed a huge right hand as Delgado got to his feet, sending the Costa Rican to the canvas just before the bell at the end of the round.

Check out the finish below:

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