Bizarre Double Knockdown At PFL 4

In the preliminary card of the PFL’s latest regular season event, former UFC and Bellator heavyweight Tim Johnson stepped into the SmartCage for his debut.

Johnson nearly achieved a TKO victory two minutes into the fight with a massive overhand left that knocked down Danilo Marques. However, during the ensuing scramble, Marques landed a low blow, causing Johnson to drop to the ground in pain and miss the opportunity to capitalize with ground and pound. After taking time to recover, Johnson managed to get back on his feet and restart the fight.

Less than a minute and a half after the restart, Johnson dropped Marques again and unleashed a barrage of heavy ground and pound. The referee warned Marques to show some defense or risk the fight being stopped. Although Marques managed to avoid an immediate stoppage, he couldn’t fend off Johnson’s relentless assault. Johnson continued to land powerful shots, ultimately forcing the referee to stop the fight.

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