Mike Tyson leaves passenger on flight bloodied after repeatedly punching him

Legendary American boxer Mike Tyson remains one of the toughest fighters in the boxing ring. While he is retired, he has displayed that he has still got the skills good enough to lay down his opponents, even at the age of 55.

Video obtained by TMZ Sport shows Tyson on an airplane, leaned over the back of his seat and throwing a flurry of punches down at passenger, leaving him battered and bloodied.

Tyson, 55, was preparing to fly from San Francisco to Florida to help promote the new “Relevnt” social media app. A witness said the passenger was overly excited upon discovering he was sitting behind Tyson.

A friend of the man who was assaulted said that Tyson actually took a selfie with him and originally showed patience with his pal.

The passenger continued to try to talk to Tyson, he apparently annoyed him enough to be told to relax, and that’s when numerous punches were thrown.

According to reports, the passenger received medical treatment and approached the police. As of now, the police are yet to comment on the incident and Tyson was seen leaving the plane just seconds after the incident.

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