Female fighter humiliates grandad, 75, AND his grandson, 18, in bizarre two-on-one intergender bout

Grandfather, 75, and grandson, 18, fight against a woman in TWO-ON-ONE Russian MMA fight

This past Wednesday, a Russian fight promotion shocked the Mixed Martial Arts community after throwing a bizarre bout with 2 vs. 1 matches and intergender matches, they merged the concept for this card’s opening bout that featured Yulia Mishko, 28, entered the octagon cage with Vladimir Spartak and his grandson Big Igibob.

The bout appeared to take place under MMA rules, saw the two men who did not have prior professional fighting experience.

Despite numerical advantage, Mishko actually shows some good instincts in the fight, not allowing her opponents to cut off the cage and staying patient throughout.

Pensioner Spartak was the aggressor early doors, while The hesitant youngster appeared to slip while running away from Mishko’s punches.

In the second round the 28-Year-old gains control and dropped BOTH of her opponents, she landed a big one-two on the grandfather sending him spiralling towards the canvas., before an uppercut on Big Igibob and he falls to the floor.

With the six-round competition, and despite the two men who took the most damage in the contest and being dropped to the ground three times, Mishko ends up going to a draw with the pair. She clearly landed the most damaging shots of the fight.

You can watch the whole show on YouTube below:

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