Mike Tyson’s ex-rival Julius Francis insists he didn’t plan to KO rowdy punter

Former British heavyweight Julius Francis, who once shared the ring with Tyson, has opened up about his viral knockout video of a rowdy customer during a shift as a security guard at BoxPark Wembley.

In the video, Francis was seen trying to calm down a rowdy guest at the BOXPARK Wembley food court in London, England. As the troublemaker became aggressive, Francis launched a wild punch which knocked him out cold.

After the punch-up, an investigation was launched by the Metropolitan Police, which was eventually dropped. Francis later confirmed he had lost his licence as a security guard after the incident which means he can no longer work.

Francis recently broke down what happened then, he said that he didn’t intend to leave him floored.

“I can’t say it was something that I wanted to do but it kind of landed on the button, put the guy out and stopped the situation dead,” he told iFL TV.

“It stopped the incident dead but it isn’t something I wanted to do. I always say and always have said that the last thing a heavyweight fighter loses is his punch. We might get fat, we might get old and lose our fitness but it is just second nature to us. I wasn’t really first involved with the situation but there was an incident inside the venue that escalated.

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