Watch: Alfredo Angulo Knock Out Jeremiah Riggs 

Alfredo Angulo felt right in his element within the BKFC squared circle, and it took a barrage of punches to awaken him fully, leading to one of the most intense fights in recent memory.

The former WBO interim light middleweight boxing champion made his promotional debut at KnuckleMania 4 in Los Angeles, facing off against Jeremiah Riggs. The bout kicked off with both fighters aggressively trading blows, but Riggs initially gained the upper hand with powerful shots, even resorting to grabbing Angulo’s hair in the heat of the exchanges. However, after weathering the storm, Angulo found his rhythm and began landing significant strikes of his own. Eventually, Angulo delivered a colossal right hand that sent Riggs crashing to the canvas, sealing the victory in a thrilling showdown.

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