WATCH: MMA Fighter score insane comeback in 3-on-1 fight

Spanish light heavyweight Eduardo Riego dispatched three opponents in a 3-on-1 cage match during the Dogfight Wild Tournament 2nd Impact.

Riego, boasting a professional MMA record of 7 wins and 2 losses, with five victories via submission, headlined the main event last Friday in Tarragona, Spain. The event showcased a variety of matchups including a no-rules brawl, 2 vs. 2 MMA fights, and a ‘Last Survivor’ bout with a 5 vs. 1.

In the main event, Eduardo Riego found himself in a challenging 3-on-1 matchup against three opponents: Manuel, Ivan, and Tomas. Each round lasted two minutes, and from the outset, Riego encountered difficulties. The numerical advantage quickly overwhelmed him as the trio swarmed him, putting him on the defensive and testing his survival skills to the limit.

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