Video: Igor Severino Disqualified, Cut from UFC After Biting Andre Lima During Fight

Igor Severino has purportedly been released by the UFC after disqualification for his biting incident involving Andre Lima, resulting in evident teeth marks on his opponent’s bicep.

The two flyweights clashed at UFC Vegas 89 on Saturday night, but the match was swiftly halted following Lima’s complaint to referee Chris Tognoni.

In a scene reminiscent of Mike Tyson’s infamous ‘bite fight’ against Evander Holyfield in 1997, Severino and Lima were entangled in a grapple against the cage before Lima began loudly signaling to the official. The fighters were separated, and Lima displayed a disturbing bite mark on his left bicep. Upon consultation with the judges, Tognoni stopped the fight.

Severino’s disqualification came at the 2:52 mark of Round 2. Following the incident, UFC CEO Dana White confirmed that Severino was subsequently released from the UFC roster.

Check out the highlight clip below:

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