Crazy MMA fighters beat each other up inside London phone booth, and leads to brutal ending

Russian fight promoters have come up with an unlikely viral sensation that took place in an actual phone booth.

The brutal world of MMA fighting continued to test the boundaries with a Russian MMA promotion called “Punch Box”. A clip of one of a Punch Box 2 match that took place in a phone booth, resulting in the loser dropping down into a corner under a series of punches and was stopped after just 15 seconds.

At “Punch Box” you see fighters battle it out in a boxing match of sorts in MMA gloves, the fight will continue until one of the competitors quits or until the referee, who is monitoring the situation from outside the phone booth, decides to end it.

As The fight begins, both men instantly unleashed their respective flurries, Chugunov catches Molchanov with a good close-range punches that probably would have sat him down if it weren’t for the walls of the phone booth.

Catch the video below:

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