Oron Kahlon calls Afghani fighter Javid Basharat a ‘terrorist’ in ugly moment during Contender Series 45 weigh-ins

An ugly moment unfolded at the weigh-ins ahead of Dana White’s Contender Series when Israel’s Oron Kahlon appeared to refer to Afghan opponent Javid Basharat as a ‘terrorist’.

Perhaps some of the tension during the face-off stems from Kahlon’s struggles on the scales, as he missed weight by three pounds for his bantamweight fight and was fined 20 percent of his purse, Javid Basharat wasn’t happy about it and didn’t shake hands with Kahlon, the two then began speaking indistinctly to each other, the back-and-forth turned very personal and the slur was noted when the two were posing for photographs.

“This p*ssy wanted a way out by missing weight by 3 pounds . I told him I’m gonna still whoop his arse, he then called me a terrorist. wanted a reaction again he wanted a way out unlucky for him I ain’t going no where ! , I’m waiting to see him tomorrow. Booooo @oron_kahlon guys let him have it,” Basharat wrote on Instagram.

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