Chimaev and Holland Address UFC 279 Presser Backstage Incident

LAS VEGAS – The UFC 279 pre-fight press conference was unexpectedly cut short on Thursday after an ‘absolute s***show’ behind the scenes where rival fighters brawled backstage.

Initially, according to White, Kevin Holland and Khamzat Chimaev, were first engaged in exchange of words before things turned physical with their entourages getting involved. None of the fighters required medical attention, and according to White, none of the fights scheduled for the card are in jeopardy.

“There were multiple things going on back here at the same time,” White told reporters after the incident. “Once it all started erupting, it was a complete sh– show.”

Chimaev and Holland issues their first statement following the alleged backstage brawl before the UFC 279 press conference.

UFC president explained that there wasn’t enough security to handle a rumble between four UFC fighters, vows unprecedented incident ‘will never happen again’ and says Saturday’s card will go on as scheduled.

“We’ll be better prepared for it than we are today,” White said. “You know, we come here with a skeleton crew for the press conferences. There’s not nearly as many people as there will be for the actual ceremonial weigh-ins. We’ll have tons of security, metro–you know, it’s a totally different ballgame.”

“This thing ain’t gonna happen. I apologize everybody,” White told those in attendance. “I’m in weird waters here. This has never happened in the history of this company. Trust me when I tell you, this is the right decision not to do this press conference right now… For everybody’s safety, this is the right decision.”

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