Video: Ringside photographer saves brutally KO’d boxer from severe fall

The Golden Boy Boxing card in Ontario, California was the scene of the incident on Saturday night, which saw one of the most incredible knockouts of 2022.

John Ramirez (10-0) needed only one round to drop his opponent Jan Salvatierra (8-2) and send him through the ring ropes in their super flyweight contest, That’s not exactly news, but the way in which it occurred is.

Ramirez delivered the combination that blasted Salvatierra and had his legs a bit unsteady, while the straight right that followed sent him down through the ropes and he would have surely gone crashing to the floor.

The ringside photographer acted ever so quickly preventing the fall to the hard floor from being a super nasty one, grabbed the boxer and actually cradled his neck.

Watch below:

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