Video: Khamzat Chimaev and Paulo Costa involved in altercation ahead of UFC 279

Khamzat Chimaev got into it with Paulo Costa at the UFC Performance Institute ahead of Chimaev’s UFC 279 clash with Nate Diaz this weekend in Las Vegas.

The incident took place at the UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas where Costa was training with former UFC welterweight Jake Shields, in town to help teammate Nate Diaz prepare for Chimaev in the UFC 279 headliner on Saturday.

The videos show The pair hurling insults while Chimaev is held back by his team talking from outside the cage, It was Costa who posted a reaction and footage of the incident on his YouTube channel who is accused Chimaev of being scared.

“I met Chimaev there, and man, he was scared,” the Brazilian said. “The guy stood there and he froze. He froze. I actually was not surprised. As I said before, cupcake Chechen, gourmet Chechen is a bully with small guys… Just so you know, Chimaev, I don’t need to have a couple of guys with me. I’m an army of one man. I walk alone and I can beat you alone with just one hand.”

With one fight left on his UFC contract, Costa (14-2) looks interested in fighting “Borz” next.

“He called me to talk and I went there, I faced him,” Costa continued. “He said, ‘Hey Borrachinha, why do you talk about me?’ I said, ‘Man, what did I talk about you? You want to fight me?’ He said, ‘No, no – I want to know what you talk about me.’ I said, ‘Man, I want to fight you. If you beat Nate Diaz, I want to fight you,’ and he froze. He said, ‘Okay, so let’s fight now.’ His whole team got in the middle between me and him. Man, this guy is scared. He’s scared as f**k.”

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