Watch Brian Ortega vs. Korean Zombie full fight video highlights – UFC Fight Island 6

Brian Ortega returned to the win column tonight at UFC Fight Island 6 in impressive fashion, by outscoring Chan Sung Jung for a clear cut, decision win.

UFC featherweight Brian Ortega stunned the MMA community after putting on an absolute clinic against Chan Sung Jung. ‘T-City’ controlled the fight from pillar to post and exhibited perfect striking. The Korean Zombie had no answer to Ortega as he earned a dominant decision win on the scorecards. He will be primed for a title shot after a statement win over a top contender.

Round 1: The highly anticipated No. 1 contender fight at 145-pounds has finally arrived and Lukasz Bosacki is the third man in the octagon. They meet in the center and Zombie starts throwing hammers. Ortega lands a hard kick to the body as both have shifted to patience very quickly. Leg kick from Zombie, Ortega answers with a clean jab. Leg kick from Ortega checked and then returned by Zombie. Right hand lands on the tail end of a combination by Zombie, who lands another hard leg kick as well. Ortega switches stances and both men are looking for an opening to explode. Final 90 seconds of the opening stanza and Zombie lands a calf kick. Ortega lands a combination, Zombie moved forward and Ortega lands a hook that stuns Zombie. Ortega lands another hard right hand and is beating Zombie to the punch. Left hook from Zombie approaching the final 10 seconds. They trade shots, Ortega just misses a huge right hand at the horn.

Round 2: Jung came out pressuring again in round two and fired in some heavy punches. Ortega  changed levels a couple of minutes in but Jung defended the TD. Later in the round, Jung planted a hard uppercut that Ortega ate. Both men continued to be relatively cautious. In the final minute, Ortega sent Jung to the deck with a beautifully timed, spinning elbow. Wow. Jung got back to his feet but Ortega  took him down.

Round 3: Low kick from Jung. Left hook lands for him. Ortega lands a leg kick. One minute in. Body kick from Jung, eats a jab in return. Right hook from Ortega. Oblique kicks from Ortega. Ortega lands a body kick after some glancign punches from Jung two minutes in. Ortega body shot. combination from Jung. Counter right. Two minutes to go.

Round 3: Jung picked up the pressuring to begin round four. Ortega tagged Jung with a nice overhand left and followed up with hard kick to the body. A couple of minutes in, Ortega drove in with a takedown and Jung incurred a cut. The ref stopped the fight to have the doctor look at the cut, which is above the left eye of Jung.

The fight resumed, but Ortega continued to land more often. Late in the round, Ortega changed levels again but was unable to score the TD

Round 5: Jung digs a right to the body, follows with a left hook. Low kick from Ortega, eats a right hand. Fake level change. Jung tries a combo a minute in, eats a 3-2. Left hook from Jung on the fence. Straight right. Straight left and jab from Ortega in return. Stiff jab. Jung body kick. Two-piece upstairs two minutes in. Straight right. Front kicks from Ortega. Straight left connects. 2-3 by Jung. Two minutes to go.

Jabs from Ortega. Straight left from Jung. Ortega shoots, abandons it. More jabs landing. Combo from Jung. One minute to go. Ortega with a left downstairs. 2-1 from Jung. 2-1 from Jung. Ortega body kick and jab. 2-3 from Jung. More stabbing jabs landing for Ortega. Straight left and right hook. Jung rushes after him, can’t reach him. 10-9 Ortega.

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