Video: Dana White wants to bet $1 million Jake Paul loses to Ben Askren’ He’s a ‘F—-g YouTube Kid’

Dana White doesn’t like Jake Paul’s chances in his boxing match with Ben Askren, and is willing to put his money where his mouth is with a seven-figure bet.

During an appearance on Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, the UFC president said Paul “isn’t a f–king boxer” and described him as a “f–king YouTube kid.” He went on to bet Tyson and co-host Zab Judah $1 million that Paul will lose to Ben Askren on April 17

White: “Let’s be honest, Jake Paul isn’t a f—-ng boxer. This guy is a f—-ng YouTube kid.”

Judah: “Dana I watched him, he’s been working hard, Dana. I have seen him put it together.”

White: “Zab, no bullshit. You are hanging out with the kid, you know him; you’re saying he can fight? So the kid he is going to fight is a wrestler, decorated wrestler. But he has actually fought real guys. He has been a world champion in other organizations in MMA.”

Judah: “But it’s different though, Dana, when you’re standing up … from wrestling to you are standing up and letting them hands fly, one thing I will say about him is he’s got hands. I am not joking.”

White: “I hope you can bet on this thing because I will bet a million dollars that he loses this f—-ng fight. I bet a million dollars that he loses this fight.”

Paul responded on Instagram (warning: link contains profanity) and said he wants to up the ante to $2 million.

“We wire the money into escrow,” Paul wrote. “$4 million total. Winner takes all. My team will be in touch to make a contract. After I knockout Ben, we can set up Jake Paul Vs. Dana White 2021 since you consider yourself a ‘Boxer’ and me a ‘YouTuber.'”

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