Petr Yan confirms interest in facing TJ Dillashaw when he returns after USADA suspension

Considered one of the most dangerous fighters in the bantamweight division, Petr Yan admitted that he intends to face former division champion, TJ Dillashaw , after he finishes his two-year suspension imposed by USADA.

In an interview with RT Sport, the Russian surprised everyone, as he revealed admiring the style of TJ.

I’ve been asked about it. People saying it would be interesting to see us fight, because we have similar styles. The two of us when we fight standing, we both have hard shots and we both want to finish the fight as quickly as possible, ” said the Russian.

Petr revealed that he was following Dillashaw’s career when he became a professional in MMA. According to the Russian, TJ’s style is interested in his admiration for a long time and it would be interesting for the fight to take shape.

“Since I started my career, I watched his fights. I like it as a fighter. I think he is competitive. Then, I would be happy to face him in the future. I think it will happen. In about a year, he will be back. He is a big name. I think he will return to the rankings, so we have to fight, ”he said.

Yan also talked about the accusation of doping that ended in punishment in the American. According to the Russian, the past of the former champion does not matter, since he took the blame and must go through many exams that prove that he is fit to return to the sport without anything anomalous.

“I do not care. He tested positive and he’s not denying it. He will have more careful exams. So when we fight, he will be clean, ”he concluded.

In addition TJ Dillashaw will return to the Octagon in January 2021.

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