Knockout! brutally finish via leg kicks at UFC

Vince Morales was knocked out and had his leg destroyed by compatriot Chris Gutierrez in the UFC Las Vegas.

After his defeat, the American talked about what happened through his social networks:

“Somehow this is my best highlight… got as ready as I could with the notice. If you were watching you saw how that went. I’m always grateful for the support and honestly felt great….before the fight. Thank you everyone. I know what I gotta work on. Back to the drawing board. With all the craziness in our fragile country right now I hope everyone is staying strong and safe as possible. On the other side of this darkness I know there’s something great. We’re in this together.”

Morales took 36 kicks to his left leg. He barely managed to stand and fell twice. Gutierrez knocked out his opponent in the second round of the match.

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