Jon Jones kicked out from JacksonWink MMA following domestic violence arrest

Jon Jones has been suspended indefinitely from JacksonWink MMA.

In an interview with The MMA Hour, coach Mike Winkeljohn revealed that former UFC light heavyweight champion ‘Jon Jones’ is no longer allowed to step foot inside Jackson Wink MMA gym.

Following domestic violence arrest of Jones, Winkeljohn had no choice but to tell Bones not to come back until he resolves some of his issues outside of the octagon, which all seem to lead to alcohol.

“I just had a conversation with him”  Winkeljohn said. I said, ‘Jon, here’s the deal, man. You’re like my little brother. You have to stop drinking and fix these things for a certain period of time until you can come back to the gym. So at the moment, he’s out of the gym. He’s not allowed to come to the gym ‘cause I feel that… I don’t know, I feel I had to do that because ignoring it and expecting different results, as they say, is insanity. He’s got a lot of yes people around him that won’t tell him the truth.” 

“He might hate me for it, but I had to tell him the truth. But in my heart… Gosh, that guy is capable of greatness. And I’m not talking about just fighting. In my heart, I hope he comes back, wins the heavyweight title, stops drinking, goes forward. He goes on to bigger things.” 

“Oh my goodness, he’s capable… He’s so charismatic, he’s so dang smart, and he can sit down, break down fights and he can break down a lot of things in life. He’s capable of doing much bigger things than just this MMA world.” 

Jones then took to Twitter and issued a statement about Winkeljohn’s decision:

Jon Jones: Had a heartbreaking conversation over the phone with one of my longtime coaches last night, really hurts to lose the support of someone I respect so much. Sincere thank you to the rest of the coaches for staying in the fight with me. Our journey continues..

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