Joe Riggs Drops Man Claiming To Be The ‘Best Bare Knuckle Boxer In The World ’

Bare-knuckle boxer and former mixed martial artist, Joe Riggs posted sparring footage of himself taking on an unknown in bare knuckle boxing match who considered himself the “best bare knuckle boxer in the world”.

The 39-year-old decided to invited the outspoken man to step into the ring after the individual continued to come into Riggs’ gym day after day talking crap, in which he dropped him to receive a harsh reality check from the former UFC middleweight contender.

Check the video below:

“When boys come to play with men  This guy came in day after day talking shit, saying he’s the best bareknuckle boxer in the world, we wanted to give him a taste of what he was asking for.”  Joe Riggs captioned the video.

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