Jake Paul interested in Jorge Masvidal as the next opponent “That would be the toughest challenge”

Coming off a win over ex-UFC champion Tyron Woodley in his fourth professional boxing match, Jake Paul believes his ideal next opponent would be Jorge Masvidal.

During a recent appearance on The MMA Hour, Jake Paul started to look ahead at what comes next, sounded optimistic that a fight with former friend and one-time training partner Jorge Masvidal would eventually come to fruition.

When asked about who he’d like to fight next. Paul responded:

“I mean honestly just from a personal standpoint, I would love for it to be Masvidal, Just cause of the sh*t talk. Just cause of his name. Just cause he’s still in his prime era and there’s a lot of personal beef there. I just took out his boy Tyron.

“But hopefully Dana [White] would let him out of his contract but we’re not sure if that can happen. But for me personally, I think that would be the toughest challenge, the toughest guy and the biggest name. The most relevant currently. I think that’s the one to make. I think it will happen at some point regardless, but that’s at the top of my list for sure.”

“We’ll see,” Paul said about his potential fight with Masvidal. “His dad Dana White just has to let him. That’s what it comes down to. Dana wouldn’t let [Georges St-Pierre] fight in that Triller Fight Club that he was trying to do. Dana blocked him from doing that so Dana’s just blocking everyone, being greedy.

“I think he’s starting to realize I’m embarrassing a lot of his UFC fighters. It’s a bad look for him but there is money to be made so we’ll see what ends up happening for sure.”

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