Dominick Reyes says he is ready for the responsibility of being champion: ‘I will be an example’

Close to facing Jon Jones for the light heavyweight title, the American claims to have a sense of the burden to be carried by sporting a UFC title

Dominick Reyes is close to the most important fight of his life. This Saturday (8), when he faces Jon Jones for the light heavyweight title, at UFC 248, the American will have the responsibility of trying to dethrone one of the best athletes in MMA history. In an interview with ‘MMA Fighting’, Reyes talked about the expectation for the confrontation.

“I have been preparing for this all my life. I was prepared to give interviews. I know how to act. I won’t go out doing crazy things, using drugs and drinking every day. I am very professional in terms of how I present myself and how I live my life, “said Reyes.

The defending champion had problems with drugs and was caught in a doping test between the years 2015 and 2017. For the challenger, being an example within the sport is essential for an MMA athlete.

“No matter what, you’re a role model,” Reyes said when speaking to MMA Fighting. “Kids are going to look up to you, no matter what. Whether you want to or not. I have nieces and nephews. I have a brother who’s 10 years old. He looks up to me. These kids look up to me every day so I’m already in that role.

In the fight against Jones , Reyes arrives undefeated in his 13 fights. The California native is a strong striker. With 7 wins by KO / TKO, all won in the first round.

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