Dominick Cruz still open’ to charity fight with Hans Molenkamp

Former UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz says that he is still interested in charity bout against Hans Molenkamp.

Earlier this year and following his win over Casey Kenney, Dominick Cruz in One of the strangest callouts in UFC history used his post-win speech at UFC 259 to call out Hans Molenkamp of UFC sponsor Monster Energy to a charity fight.

In an interview with’s The MMA Hour, Cruz said that he has no issue to fight Molenkamp.

“I’m still completely open to a charity fight with Hans Molenkamp,” Cruz said “That’s there. I think Hans might be open to that, too. I don’t know. He might really want to punch me in the face by this point, who knows. But I have no beef with Monster.”

“This was never about Monster,” Cruz said. “It was about me and my relationship with one person, and I called him out on that night, because they asked me who I wanted to face next, and I told them the truth. You can’t get mad at a guy for telling the truth.

“My beef with Monster is nonexistent. There is no beef with Monster. Monster has supported athletes all over the world, and they’re supporting me still to this day, because me and Monster have always been cool — it was me and this person that needed to discuss things and have a clear-off and some communication, and we have.”

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