Conor McGregor sounds off against ‘fat mess’ Daniel Cormier “Congrats Jon on his head kick KO anniversary over you”

After DC responded to McGregor on his show, McGregor escalated his verbal spat with Daniel Cormier calling him a “fat drunk f*ck”, criticizing him without evidence for consuming alcohol before a media scrum during UFC 264 fight week:

Daniel Cormier fires back at Conor McGregor with the remarks this evening:

“It’s much easier for me, because I work at ESPN,” Daniel Cormier said in response to Conor McGregor. “We have a department that does that, that can get every one of the kicks that Conor did get checked.

“So McGregor, listen to me bud. Stop worrying about me. Don’t worry about Daniel Cormier. Don’t worry about the things that I’m saying,” Cormier continued. “Don’t worry about how I’m dressing and how I’m looking. Don’t do that. Worry about the dudes that keep beating your ass every time you go into the Octagon. I’m not the guy you’ve got to worry about fighting. I’m done. I’m retired. I’m living my best life. You need to worry about trying to beat the guys that you fight against. Get off the internet. I don’t hate this dude, but McGregor, fall back.”

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