Conor McGregor gets tested by USADA on yacht, not officially retired

Conor McGregor is still saying he’s retired, but he apparently hasn’t filed the paperwork yet with the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) that would actually signify his official exit from mixed martial arts.

The Irishman is currently on holiday after months of lockdown in Ireland, but was surprised by the arrival of United States Anti-Doping Agency personnel, the UFC’s anti-doping partner, on his yacht.

And even though McGregor, 32, claims he’s retired from mixed martial arts (MMA), he has yet to officially withdraw from the USADA testing pool, which means he’s subject to out-of-competition drug testing whenever the agency deems it appropriate.

He said: ‘What’s going on here UFC? USADA have just arrived to my yacht this morning for testing? ‘I’ve retired guys! But go on then, I’ll allow them test me. It’s all natural here baby! Forever and always, God Bless. ‘180km across the Mediterranean Sea tomorrow! LET’S GO!’

Conor posted a pic of the pee cup and the letter from USADA explaining the process.

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