Colby Covington And The “Pink Suit Guy” Have Heated Exchange

Colby Covington and the Infamous “Pink Suit Guy” have a funny exchange at the UFC 268 press conference.

For those who don’t remember Pink Suit Guy became notoriously famous when he went off the Notorious Conor McGregor during the UFC 264 Pre-Fight Press Conference, in which he stated a hard hitting fact that Conor McGregor hadn’t won fight in the Lightweight Division since 12 November 2016. “Conor [McGregor], question for you. you have won exactly one fight since Barack Obama was president.

At the UFC 268 pre-fight press conference, Colby Covington was forced to contend with more than just Kamaru Usman on stage. After Josh Cohen, AKA “The Pink Suit Guy” went on the attack, as we know he likes to target a specific fighter during a Big Blockbuster PPV and expose them by hitting them with sensitive facts or asking a very undermining question.

“If you were to lose this fight, do you agree right now to allow an independent medical team to look at your x-rays from 2019 to determine once and for all whether or not you jaw was broken?” Cohen shouted Colby.

Covington saw what was coming a mile away and shut Cohen down before he could even try. After the two got into verbal sparring match, slamming each other fashion sense in particular their bubblegum and Pepto-Bismol colored looking suits. You can watch it all in the video below:

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