Alexander Volkanovski responds to Conor McGregor’s “weird tweets”

Alexander Volkanovski reacts to violent call out made by Conor McGregor during UFC 266.

After five brutal rounds and a hard-earned unanimous decision victory for Volkanovski to defend the UFC featherweight title in the main event of UFC 266, The Irish man took to Twitter to mock Volk’s height.

“I’d kick this volovski head off like it was a rugby ball I was kicking,” McGregor wrote in a deleted tweet “5’4! And full of muscle! Hahahahaha little fart he is. Not even a little fart. A shart haahahahaj jackass.”

 ‘The Great’ Volkanovski just thinks that Conor McGregor has been drinking too much, He responded:

“Sounded like he was on the piss. Good for him, so am I, I will be too,” Volkanovski said. “(The tweets said) something about sharting or fighting. It didn’t really make sense. It’s Conor, man. Conor doing Conor things. I don’t know if he wants to come back down to 145lbs, obviously, that will never happen. That would have stung him a little bit (referring Jose Aldo and Max Holloway as the two greatest featherweights), especially while he’s on the piss, you know? Anyways, I’m gonna be on the piss, maybe you’ll see some weird f*cking tweets from me too. We’ll see what happens.”

In another interview to ESPN The Great Volkanovskyi said:

“Sounds like he’s off his head, So … yeah, good on ya. Enjoy your night! But aye, come back to featherweight, I’d love it. I reckon he’s a man of the featherweight division, and again, I’ve got the strategy, I’m obviously tough. And yeah, I’m a whole different beast to what he’s used to in this division. So if he wants to come back down, welcome. I’d love it … hey, it’s not an option. Let’s go for 155. Let’s do it, 155, let’s make it happen.”

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