Adesanya thinks Jon Jones could beat Ngannou, but he will never risk it

In an intervier with Submission Radio Adesanaya thinks Jones could beat Ngannou, but he will never risk it.

In an interview with Submission Radio Adesanaya said:

“Nobody wants to mess with Francis. [Jones has] been around the f**king game for 10 years he’s never jumped up in weight. He’s not doing it. Trust me. And a little birdie even told me, tweeted me, private messaged me and told me he’s not gonna do it.”

The Nigerian, even, thinks Jones could beat Ngannou, but thinks the American believes that the risk is not worth it.

“Why don’t you f**king do it now?” Adesanya added. “Why don’t you f**king go up to heavyweight? It’s been f**king 10 years. Sign on the dotted line. Fight some f**king heavyweights. And I’m not saying that he can’t do it. He can. But why hasn’t he done it yet?”

“It would be a great fight, for sure. He could beat Francis, for sure. But, trust me, nobody wants to take chances with Francis. Francis learned from the fight with Miotic, he learned and now respects his own power. He’s a different guy now. I talked to him and I’m telling you ”, he added.

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